Our Story

Two paths meet for the journey of a lifetime…

Her Story:

I love RAW MILK cappuccinos at Stell Coffee Tea & Co.  Stell Coffee is the local coffee shop hang out.  Students studying, people working, grabbing a sandwich for lunch, Cyclists stopping in for a quick shot of espresso and apparently where you might just find your soul mate.

My girlfriend Shawn and I were grabbing a drink. “Oh Anna, this is my friend Charles.” “Charles, this is my friend Anna.” We shook hands and I swore I forgot his name after he smiled. As I walked away, I whispered in Shawns ear “I will marry him, did you see his smile!”

Another God send was a barista at Stell who happily promotes the Raw Milk I sell.  He told Charles as he was ordering a cinnamon bun that he must try this raw milk that this one girl sells and handed him my business card.

You would think I would at least get a facebook friend request within 24 hours. Didn’t cross my mind that it was School of Medicine test week or that maybe he didn’t want to come off too strong. However, I knew I wanted to marry him so why not speed up the process! I got on facebook 6 hours after meeting him, and friend requested him. The day after which seemed like months later, I had a private message from him.

After a week of facebook dating, I convinced him that I never go on facebook… wink wink. I gave him my phone number and email and told him if he wanted to chat, he could contact me off of social media. He called one evening, and the rest is history! Soooooo, thank God I sent the friend request and gave him my contact info. See ladies, sometimes you just gotta go for what you want!


His Story:

“Hey Charles!” I turned from talking with an acquaintance of mine at Stell Coffee shop to see who was talking. “Oh, hey Shawn, how’s it going?” Immediately my heart started pulsing double-time. Standing next to Shawn was a girl with the most beautiful eyes and smile that I know. “Have you ever met Anna?”  Had I ever met Anna? No. Had I ever wanted to meet Anna? Definitely! Two years before in fact. Cupid had pulled one of his little arrows called “Crush” and shot me coming around the corner at the university gym when we almost bumped into each other and she gave me one of those bright smiles.  From that time I never forgot her and occasionally spotted her at school functions. Then she disappeared…for over a year. Until one bright day at Stell, “Have you ever met Anna?” “Okay Chuck, keep your cool,”  I thought. “Uh, no, I haven’t. I’m Charles.” We shook hands and the conversation that followed went into a blur. There was something about raw milk (shout out to the McAffee’s raw organic dairy farm J), something about nutrition, and perhaps other things. I just knew I was thankful I went to Stell to study that morning.

Following that introduction (the bride may contest, but I know the truth! 😉 I got a Facebook friend request that evening. I accepted it and replied with a funny story about how one of the baristas at Stell had given me Anna’s business card later that day and told her I’d like to try the Organic Pastures raw milk. She replied with a joke about my studying with shades on. And that was the start of a beautiful relationship.

We have shared many wonderful memories together—trips to beaches, lakes, Sabbath picnics at the park and hikes along trails, lavender festival with Mom Hammalian, San Diego trips to my home and to the Schuettes, enjoying the Hammalian home in Amador City, celebrating special days and dating anniversaries, cooking and baking, hosting Bible studies together, worshiping at ReLive, just being in each other’s presence—and I am so thankful to God for the beautiful girl He has placed in my life. I pray that we may bring glory to God as a couple and I truly look forward to spending my life with my bride.


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